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I’m a thirteen year old girl and want to try masturbation, but I don’t want to lose my virginity or anything and I’m not sure whether this can happen while masturbating. Also, I’m not sure where my clitoris is exactly :$ :$ . Can anyone help???

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  1. Hi, ningekushauri usijaribu kufanya kitendo hicho na kama umejaribu acha kabisa, kwan kufanya hivyo itapelekea ww kujiingiza katika vitendo vya ngono.

  2. Peer educator

    thank you for interacting with Aurateen!
    I think masturbation is not safe for you as a girl. And not for boys either.
    Your reproductive organs are the most sensitive parts of your body. Masturbation and other non-sex activities can result to the organ’s skin irritation due to dust and dirt.
    Moreover, it is better to abstain from both sex and Masturbation for your mind-wellness and stability. Masturbation has psychological effects and this is due to activity-addiction. I made no research, but don’t you think you’ll find yourself hating (intercourse) even when it’s the right time for you?

    Thanks for asking your question!

  3. Don\’t operate the masturbation because your going to affect your irgans which used on reproduction which leads the problem when you divide to be pregnant and to get a child. But my advise to you sister is to porfm the physical excesies which reduce sexual feelings and be far with bad friends who convince you to this un acceptable behavior

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