How Can I Resist Peer

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  1. Help teens resist peer pressure by letting them know:
    They have the right to say, “no”
    They can be assertive and firm without being angry
    They can use a strong voice, stand up tall, and look their peers in the eye.
    It is important to tell people how they feel
    It is always an option to walk away
    Adults have peer pressure, too. Give them examples that you have faced.
    It is important to talk to young people about why some people do unhealthy things such as using substances. Discuss the age limits of drinking alcoholic beverages and why these limits are important. Talk about smoking as part of a general talk on being healthy. It’s good to have everyone in the family reinforce healthy behavior.
    Parents can’t just tell their teen to resist peer pressure, they have to demonstrate it and talk about it. Calmly talking about difficult topics should become routine within a family. In that way, youth become comfortable sharing what is going on in their lives. Keep the line of communication open.
    To help them resist peer pressure, teach your teens to argue effectively for a particular point of view. Additionally, parents need to be calm and reasonable during family arguments. Respect and listen to your teen’s point of view. Encourage teens to spend time with family and friends that do not get into trouble.
    The teenage years are difficult for teens and parents. Parents are teachers and guides so their teens grow up to be healthy in every way

  2. Thenks for Ask
    first at all lazima tukubali kwamba this problem of Peer pressure it mostly affected vijana ambao wanafacing adolescence stage for girls its between 12 to 14yrs and boys from 14 to 16 so this time a body receive secondary sexual characteristics and body change so for sometime mtu anakuwa uncotrollabla coz he or she believe yupo perfect for everything TIPS HOW TO AVOID THIS PEER PRESSURE
    Be smart jitambue kama kijana unamchango gani kwaajili ya nchi na taifa lako, know what to do at right time, right place, na watu gani wanaweza kufanikisha malengo yako be Smart let people be proud of u.
    This are skills that a person can live well in societ. lifeskills zitamfanya Teenage kujua how can behave in the society and lifeskills we can get from schools, parents, religious institute, people and so on. Dat is wat also aura teen do to make people aware
    3.word NO
    ukiwa na selfawareness,it will be easy to say NO to those peer pressure
    NOTE: you can be friends with this Grups without be affected wat needed is self awareness na kujitambua and unaweza wewe ndo ukawa chachu ya mabadiliko yao to positive Thinking

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