howbcan we tacling te problem of heavy drinking?

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  1. Once they know the facts, many people can quite easily revert back to sensible drinking if they are drinking above the safe limits. If you are trying to cut down, some tips which may help include:
    Consider drinking low-alcohol beers, or at least do not drink strong beers or lagers.
    Try pacing the rate of drinking. Perhaps alternate soft drinks with alcoholic drinks.
    If you eat when you drink, you may drink less.
    It may be worth reviewing your entire social routine. For example, consider:
    Cutting back on types of social activity which involve drinking.
    Trying different social activities where drinking is not involved.
    Reducing the number of days in the week where you go out to drink.
    Going out to the pub or club later in the evening.
    Try to resist any pressure from people who may encourage you to drink more than you

  2. Peer educator

    So far the problem of heavy drinking has extended its roots not only in Tanzania but in many other parts of the world. Many people do not know the negative impacts of heavy drinking. therefore, the first step towards tackling this problem is educating our societies on the effects of heavy drinking, supported with facts and statistics such as how many people die of alcoholism due to diseases such as liver cancer and the rest. how many people die of alcoholism each year, and how mush money people waste on irresponsible drinking of alcohol.
    i hope i have answered clearly, if not you are welcome to ask more questions.

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