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Q:Is it right for a tees to talk with their parents about sexual education with their parents according to African Tradition?How can we improve this and make a change to our community so as to be in a civilised world of science and technology?,

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  1. One of the study done by Wanazuoni state that, teens who benefited from parental guidance and who reportedly had a “good talk” with parents in the last year about sex, birth control, and the dangers of STDs were two times more likely to use condoms at the last time they had sex than teens who did not talk to their parents as often.
    African culture is so limited when it comes to such kind of topics, as a modern parent who care about the future of the Family having sex talk/education is a right thing to do since the world has changed. Home Is The First School, and Parents Are suppose to be The First Teachers to children.

    It is important to remember this swahili PROVERB: “Asiyefunzwa na Mamaye, Ulimwengu Utamfunza Meaning whomsoever is not taught by the mother will be taught with the world”.

  2. Unaweza kufanya hivyo na jamii yako ikakuelewa, unachotakiwa utumie lugh nzuri na utumie mbinu nzuri za kufikisha ujumbe, kwan utakapo mueleza kijana mwenzako kuhusu maada hii ni tofauti utakapo mueleza mzazi wako na mwisho ni kwamba kuna methali inasema asiyefunzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu,kwahiyo wazaz ndo walimu wetu

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