Exam Fever


How Can I Avoid Exam Fever?

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  1. EXAMS EXAMS ON THE WAY EXAMS – one of the most dreadful words for every student, barring a few exceptions. They are those strenuous stages of student life that had pressurized every one of us. No matter whether you are appearing for your boards, or…

  2. Tips To Overcome Exam Fever
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    Come EXAM TIME and students start getting anxious and spend sleepless nights worrying about the coming exams. Exams may be anxiety provoking for some people. Students may worry about an exam for days before it is to take place and/or during the exam, when tackling the examination they may experience negative thoughts and unpleasant physical symptoms which prevent them from performing to the best of their ability.
    Students, Just Relax ! Need not Worry…. It is wise to remember that exams are not here as punishment. Instead, they are a good way of testing to see how much information you have learnt.
    Examinations test a student’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. They bring questions from an entire module together in a challenging environment.
    Whether you are taking the Board Exams or forthcoming Medical Entrance Test or appearing for any other Entrance Exam, Don’t you worry. Just follow these simple tips to overcome Exam fever.
    Don’t get over anxious: It never helps. Think of all the exams you have faced so far and how you have overcome your fears. Visualise the worst that can happen and then think positive.
    Talk over your anxieties to your parents, friends etc and get it out of your chest periodically. At the same time, talk about the subjects you are good in and the chapters you are well prepared in.
    Gain confidence in subjects you know best: by completing the revision and writing notes, especially to a family member or answering mock tests. Make brief points to refer just before the exams.
    Fix time and place: Make sure that your study has no disturbance. Move away from that place when you need to take breaks. Take them frequently by structuring your time schedule. Every time you feel fresh, study the difficult or boring subjects first for a few minutes and then move on to easy ones.
    Exercise and recreation: are as important as studies and they help you concentrate better. Don’t reduce your sleep drastically. Your body needs it.
    Avoid repetitive reading: If you are unable to remember, break up the chapter into points and sub points and try and remember each sub point.
    Do mock tests: periodically, especially in difficult subjects.Rest, eat good food and freshen up: especially on the morning of your exam. It is a better way to face them than last minute cramming.
    On the day of the exam: Relax, Remember God is Incharge….Reduce stress, sleep well, eat well and go early. Do discuss with your friends what you have prepared and what you have not.
    Have confidence, you will do well. Believe in yoursel

  3. • Don’t under-estimate your powers and capabilities. Believe in yourself and you can win this world.
    • Set a target; your goal. Always set up a target that is one plus your potential. Work hard to achieve it and then even you will be amazed by your results. But that doesn’t mean that you strain yourself with undue pressure. If you got A instead of A+, that does not implies that you have failed.
    • Actions will speak not your anxiety or stress. If you cannot understand a topic or solve a problem, take help of your teachers and your friends in place of getting worried.
    • Make a time table. But make sure it’s a realistic one. No one can solve all the chapters of maths in one day. Don’t keep on studying one subject whole day. It won’t do any good besides bringing boredom.
    • Sleep tight at least for 6 hours. Yup I’m saying for 6 hours because I’m a psychologist.. And no one can sleep soundly for 8 hours in exams, especially one who is suffering from sleeplessness. Don’t try to recall or revise while in bed; it can affect your sleep.
    • 15 minutes with the nature. Walk for some time on green grass early morning. Trust me cool breeze can do wonders on your mind.
    • Eat well. Never skip your breakfast. Avoid junk foods and large numbers of cups of teas and coffees. Stick to mom’s advice of taking fresh fruits and vegetables.Always remember you won’t be able to learn when your stomach is empty.
    • Break to banta hei boss. Don’t try to stretch yourself beyond your limits. Take a short break whenever you start feeling a bit bored or your mind is at its saturation point. You can listen music, or talk with your friends and family, or play with your pet but don’t start television or net.
    • Avoid comparing yourself with your friends. Everyone has his own competence, his own ways of learning and revising the things. So stop thinking about others and choose the method which suits you and your mind the most.
    In the examination hall:
    • Don’t panic. Have faith in yourself and your hard work. If you have given your best, success will surely embrace you.
    • Breathe deeply and slowly. It will help to lower down your stress level.

    After the exam:
    • No need of dissecting your answers. Things like “oh shit! I forgot to write this word in question 4” will only accentuate your worries and lower down your confidence level. You cannot change what you have already written in answer sheet. It’s time to focus on next exam.
    • Don’t start studying immediately for the next exam. Your mind needs to be refreshed from the stress it suffered for last 3 hours. Friends, FS, and coffee – can anything else work better than this?? But remember don’t waste your time much.

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