hey guys, how i can be strong with my future plan whle my family didnt support me????????

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  1. Don’t Give up any efforts to change your parents, and
    quit hoping they will change. But You Can’t Then Make the decision
    that they are the way they are and you cannot
    change them. Decide that you can and will
    change yourself.

  2. But Also you can Volunteer. There are numerous opportunities for
    teen volunteers, including leadership volunteering
    activities , and this not only keeps you busy, it
    introduces you to other people, including new
    friends and supportive adults, it provides you a
    way to explore various careers, it could lead to a
    scholarship, it teaches you skills you will use
    over a life time, etc.

  3. If you are a person of faith, look into
    communities of faith that might fit your belief
    system. The Internet makes this super easy to
    do. and u can go far…

  4. You could have made it they don\’t support you in which angle.The support on what and which kind of support that could me more helpful for me to answer this question more gudaa! Sometimes our own families can hold us down because mostly they don\’t believe in dreams and creativity plus they can be more conservative in culture and whatsoever they think is right but wrong.
    The only advice I can give you is that you should be strong by yourself and make sure you don\’t give the chance to hold you down.Give that support yourself and even outside people can be the best in support than your own family..!
    …Sometimes they say YOU ARE THE GOD OF YOURSELF!

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